What's On This Month

LIVE Marketing Power Hour

Presented by founders, Cydney O'Sullivan and Carrie Myton.  We'll be discussing trends and updates on best marketing practices.

How we are marketing to stay "ahead" of the crowd. What's the Most Important Marketing Medium today. Paid versus free and much more.

Plus we'll have a Bonus LIVE Q&A.

AUSTRALIA This Friday, 11am to 12pm AEDT

USA  This Thursday,  6pm to 7pm PST. 8pm to 9pm CST.

MOTIV8 88: 88 Days of Motivation

According to the most recent statistics, it take 84 days to shift your thinking or habits.

Motivation gets you started, but habit keeps you going. We've got the motivation covered. And for the next 88 days, we are going to grace you with daily inspirations delivered right to your inbox every morning.

So that you can start your day inspired and focused on the goal or outcome you want to achieve.

Speaker Power Hour: Crafting your "Hire Me Now" Speaker Kit

Presented by Dr. Neryl East, Australia's leading journalist with over 30 years in the media industry. Learn the 3 Key Strategies to create a Powerful High-Converting Speaker Kit:

  1. The way you Articulate Your Bio has a Massive Impact on Event Hosts. Discover the Top 3 Things You Need to Say.
  2. What Headshot should you use - and how it influence your potential client.
  3. Create Compelling Headlines that SELL You.

Speaker Power Hour: Crafting Presentations that Sell

There's a wave of Speaking Opportunities all over the world. But, the catch is that many speakers now-a-days are looking to pick up more clients and "busk" to create opportunities. They are strategic in how they craft their presentation to lead to an outcome that creates new business or sales for them.

In this LIVE Presentation, Yvonne Hillsz, Sales Mavin, breaks down the Core Essence of Crafting Your Talk to Sell you. So that you can say "YES" to all the Speaking opportunities that come your way - and - Generate Business every time you hit the stage!